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News 20 Feb 2024

Hitech GP shares insights into how brand new F1-Grade Simulator is helping the team prepare for the season

  • Hitech Grand Prix invested in Dynisma’s technology for race car setup, race preparation and circuit familiarisation ahead of the 2024 season, enabling simulation of a wide range of racing scenarios and driver procedures
  • F1-bred low-latency, high-bandwidth DMGs (Dynisma Motion Generators) set new standards in simulator technology offering an experience as close to reality as possible

Hitech Grand Prix’s preparations for the upcoming season have benefitted from its recent investment in one of Dynisma’s ground-breaking, world-leading simulators.



Based at Silverstone circuit, Hitech Grand Prix is a competing in multiple formula series, including FIA Formula 2, FIA Formula 3, GB3, Formula 4 UK and Formula 4 UAE. The team is benefitting from its DMG-1 simulator in multiple ways, primarily to optimise car setup and prepare the drivers for each specific track.

Dynisma Motion Generators (DMGs) set new standards for responsiveness and feedback. Featuring the lowest latency (<3-4ms) and highest bandwidth (up to 100Hz) ever achieved in full motion simulators, giving a level of realism that means every aspect of the race performance can be improved in the simulator.



Dave Greenwood, Head of Special Projects, Hitech Grand Prix, said: “The DMG-1 has been an incredibly valuable addition to the Hitech GP vehicle performance toolset.

“The impact of this investment was seen almost immediately, thanks to the minimal time from installation to implementation within our various development programmes. It also integrated seamlessly with our existing simulation toolset, which meant the same car model is used whether we are working on the simulator or running large setup parameter sweeps ahead of a race weekend.

“The F1-bred technology of the platform, state-of-the-art cueing, and excellent support from the team at Dynisma ensure we have a well-correlated and realistic simulator. This means our engineers have been able to concentrate on using it to extract performance rather than spending valuable time trying to make it realistic.

“This factor was particularly useful to the team working on our prospective F1 entry project, as they were very quickly able to support the aerodynamic performance group with data that could augment our wind tunnel and CFD programs, in order to ensure we were developing the car in a window that would translate to lap time gains.

“Our junior formula teams have found that the correlation to the real world has been quick to dial in, and in particular we look forward to converting the performance increment we have found in the virtual domain over the winter preparing for the new 2024 F2 car into reality.”



The revolutionary technology from Dynisma also allows drivers to test specific racing scenarios, for instance enabling them to practice track circumstances such as a virtual safety car. This is not only a huge benefit for the team within the upcoming season but also for overall driver development as newcomers, such as Paul Aron who joins the team this season to compete in F2, look to develop their racing careers.

Paul Aron, F2 Driver, Hitech Grand Prix, said: “In an environment where track time is limited, access to a simulator is a crucial development tool for a driver and the team. It provides a reliable reference point for exploring the car and working with the setup.

“What’s even more important is a simulator that is realistic. Some don’t reflect the detailed characteristics of a circuit – the bumps or precise track layout – and this makes all the difference when you’re looking to translate the progress you’ve made in the sim to a race weekend at a specific track.

“The DMG-1 is everything we need at this level and it’s especially important for this year because we have a brand new F2 car to get used to. The fact that we’ve been able to prepare for months in the sim, and with this level of feedback, is hopefully going to give us a bit of an edge heading into the new season, which will be exciting to see when we get to the first race in Bahrain.”

The simulator was commissioned in May 2023 and was used throughout the second half of last season, particularly as part of its F2 campaign. Hitech’s successes last year included winning the Macau Grand Prix.



Oliver Oakes, CEO, Hitech Grand Prix, said:  “We’ve spent nearly a decade establishing Hitech GP’s proven track record on the national and world stage, winning races in every championship we’ve competed in. Maintaining that standing in the sport and delivering against our mission – to nurture the next generation of young drivers through the single-seater pyramid to the highest level of the sport – requires investment in our people and resources.

“The first 12 months in our modern new HQ near to Silverstone Circuit have been devoted to creating a dynamic environment and developing a winning culture. We’ve ensured that our drivers have access to all the facilities and resources necessary to aid their development, including the Dynisma DMG-1 Formula 1-grade driver simulator, as well as experienced engineers, technicians, and human performance specialists.

The start of the 2024 season will provide a real barometer of just how much the DMG-1 has contributed to our development, and in particular the role it has played in preparing us for a new generation of F2 car. We look forward to seeing the investment and development work come to life in Bahrain and beyond.”



Ashley Warne, Dynisma CEO, said: “Dynisma’s mission has always been to create the world’s most immersive simulators and widen access to the best high-fidelity, responsive Motion Generators that racing drivers – and engineers – could want. The team are delighted that Hitech Grand Prix chose Dynisma’s DMG-1 simulator and it’s great to see how they have been using our world-leading technologies for race preparation ahead of the upcoming 2024 season.

“Hitech Grand Prix had already developed an excellent simulation toolset for their offline simulations, and following our software agnostic approach we worked with them to integrate the DMG-1 into their workflow during the period that the simulator was built. The depth of their preparation combined with the support of our team resulted in a very quick uptake of DMG-1 into their programme.”  

Dynisma Motion Generators are available as turn-key simulator solutions, customised to exact requirements for both motorsport and automotive applications.


About Dynisma

Dynisma, an independent company, was founded in 2017 by experienced F1 driving simulator engineer Ashley Warne, who previously led the simulator development efforts of both Ferrari and McLaren. Dynisma has developed a unique approach to high performance motion generation. Dynisma’s range of Motion Generators (DMG’s), feature high bandwidth, low latency, and large excursion motion simulation, delivering class leading driving simulation capabilities.

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