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While Hitech GP spent its first decade consistently underscoring its winning credentials on the racetrack, it has also amassed the experience and resources to pursue the Group’s broader aspirations.

The fact that it has matched its ambition with the required level of investment in infrastructure, personnel, and wider resources has not gone unnoticed at the highest level of motorsport.  Such is the respect for Hitech GP’s competencies that leading F1 teams commission its services for consultancy remits including young driver development, research and development, and even entrust Hitech with end-to-end engineering projects that are beyond the scope of their own technical or human resource capacity.


The highest echelons of motorsport may have every resource available, but such is the absolute focus required to compete at the pinnacle, the ability to divert resources to secondary projects is often limited. Instead, they rely on Hitech to bring their ideas to life.

Some key projects:


Manufacture of customer race cars used in blockbuster Hollywood movie project



Transferring prestige hybrid sports car concept into World Endurance Championship Hypercar contender

Manufacture of prototype vehicles set for participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship



Accelerating Hitech’s Ambitions


Since its inception, Hitech GP’s aim has been to establish an operation that is in every respect ‘F1 standard’. This reflects the personal philosophy of the team’s founder and owner Oliver Oakes, a recognition of the responsibility the team has in forging careers for young aspirants, and its own longer-term ambitions to compete at the pinnacle by achieving an entry to the FIA Formula One World Championship.

In 2023, the team submitted a comprehensive application in response to the FIA Expressions of Interest process inviting new applicants to enter the pinnacle of the sport. By that time, Hitech 26, the 70-strong project group responsible for advancing the team’s F1 ambitions had already been hard at work for almost two years, however, strict criteria imposed by the FIA necessitated that the Hitech 26 submission be kept under wraps.

The world-class people, resources, and infrastructure that Hitech 26 assembled will stand it in good stead for the future, and also the present, for motorsport clients seeking a turnkey solution for an ambitious end-to-end project.

At its modern, dedicated facility at Silverstone, Hitech established a Design Office, R&D Laboratory and Aero Model Shop staffed by a team of experts engaged across Aerodynamics, Design, Vehicle Performance and Business Operations.

Hitech also formed key project partnerships for wind tunnel testing, simulation, and composite manufacturing. Two separate iterations of 50% scale models of its proposed F1 car had already been in the tunnel for 18 months.


Formula 1-bred Customer Solutions

Hitech now deploys the facilities, resources, and relationships developed for the F1 entry for customer projects within the sector.

Wind Tunnel Model Development in our Model and Machine Shops

Wind Tunnel Data Acquisition Expertise

Turnkey CFD solutions harnessing Hitech’s wholly owned code and fully-automated CFD process


To discuss how Hitech can support your motorsport project with a custom solution, please contact info@hitechgp.co.uk

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