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News 23 Sep 2020

Hitech announce new partnership with U-Earth Biotech

Hitech today announce a new partnership with U-Earth Biotech, a young biotech company that have developed medical-grade-certified, reusable face masks, starting from its main biotechnology: an air decontamination device created to protect the civilian population against bio-chemicals.

Manufactured from recycled nylon thread from ocean plastic, the biotech face masks will be worn trackside by the whole team during GP weekends.  Ensuring our staff members stay protected in the light of the current global pandemic, we will be able to go about our business comfortably and safely, whilst making a conscious effort to protect the environment by saving hundreds of disposable masks each day.

The face masks are the first bio masks in the world made by active principle bio-layers which destroy contaminants. They provide a protection for up to 200 hours of effective use, offering self-sanitizing and anti-proliferative filter layers to trap harmful biological contaminants.

“In current times and with the ongoing pandemic, we cannot ignore the millions of face masks ending up in the oceans every single day.

With this partnership, we are able to show the world that it is possible to protect young talents from the virus, whilst cut down on the usage of disposable masks.”

Click here to visit the U-Earth website.

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