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Oliver Oakes

A former racing driver himself, Oliver started HitechGP at the beginning of 2015 after seeing the market opportunity to build a leading Formula 3 team.

“Over the last few years I’d worked with a lot of successful young drivers. But when the moment came for them to step into a racing car, I was concerned that a lot of teams were no longer motivated or owned by racing people. When you’re used to winning and working to be the very best on track, it can be hard sending drivers elsewhere without seeing the same motivation.

“I decided from the outset that I wanted to build my own team. I’ve known David Hayle since I was 10 years old – and given his success in all forms of motorsport, especially F3, he was naturally the first person I phoned to help me put things in motion. In any great team you need a strong Technical Director. Having known John for some years and witnessed his success the past few years in F3 he brings huge credibility and experience to the Team.

“My philosophy from the beginning was pretty simple. I wanted to build something that would be successful. And that means winning championships in F3 year after year – but also seeing our drivers go on to the pinnacle of motorsport, using all the tools that we’ve taught them here. There’s something highly rewarding in seeing them go from boys to young professionals under our guidance.

“The origin of the name Hitech Grand Prix was a simple one: High Technology. We exploit the very latest technology to ensure we’ve got the fastest cars on track – and so the name made perfect sense. It’s also a great descriptor of our Team Title Sponsor URALCHEM, that prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology to create advanced fertilizer products that make a global market leader”.

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