State of the art in-house simulator

As testing becoming more tightly regulated, Hitech GP increasingly relies on its advanced in-house simulator capabilities. As well as fine-tuning the driver’s skills, it’s a powerful engineering tool prior to events. This ensures we hit the ground running right from the first free practice session – hopefully staying a step ahead over the weekend.

Simulation is no longer the sole preserve of Formula 1. Our state-of-the-art in-house simulator provides dedicated vehicle models to help drivers prepare for any race by improving their technique, consistency and lap time.

Motorsport is one of few disciplines where practice is highly restricted by cost and limited circuit availability. With limited time in practice sessions and ever-increasing restrictions on in-season testing, we increasingly rely on simulation.

Initially used to assist driver development, it’s now an increasingly valuable technical tool to help evaluate different setups, gear ratios and strategies before actual races.

We have a dedicated group of engineers who are solely responsible for the development of our in-house simulation models for vehicle, aero and tyre models.

If you arrive at the track already dialled in, you’re one step ahead of the competition. And that’s why we work hard to deliver the best simulation environment that gives our drivers that race-winning extra edge.

• Quicker lap times
• Greater consistency and focus
• Puts drivers a step ahead of the competition

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