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Red Bull Junior Team

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From the moment that the Red Bull Junior Team was founded in 2001 the objectives were clear and the search for future Formula One World Champions had begun. Hand picked international talents would receive professional and continuous training in all relevant areas of motorsport following the credo: ‘competition from the beginning’.

All drivers of the Red Bull Junior Team are compelled to work hard from the start and, with their sight set firmly on their big goal: F1, they are under permanent pressure to perform.

Only those drivers who have the implicit talent for a sustainable Formula 1 career are supported.

The drivers do not just obtain the motorsports basics by competing in the various racing series. Like all Red Bull athletes the Juniors are also primed for the physical challenges of racing on an individual basis in the Red Bull Diagnostics & Training Center in Thalgau near Salzburg.

23 titles have been won since 2001, 311 race victories as well as 311 pole positions.

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